Kodak Black Has Been Arrested Because Of Drug Charges During A Traffic Stop In Florida

Kodak Black Has Been Arrested Because Of Drug Charges During A Traffic Stop In Florida
Credit: Timothy Norris

Kodak Black is one of the rising American rappers in the world. Not only is he a great artist, but he's also known as one of the coolest rappers out there. He's released many tracks that have been loved by the world and have millions of fans all around the world.

However, he was recently arrested at a traffic stop in Florida. The reason for his arrest was the possession of a controlled substance without any prescription and trafficking of oxycodone.

He had initially been pulled over because the mirrors of his purple Dodge Durango SUV were darker than what was legally allowed. His driver's license and the vehicle's legislation were both expired. The officers said that they could smell a scent of marijuana coming from the vehicle. During the search of the vehicle, they found a small clear plastic bag with 31 tables. Allegedly, these were oxycodone tablets. They are normally used for pain relief however they can become highly addictive.

They also found nearly $75,000 in cash in the car. Black's lawyer Bradford Cohen stated that he had negotiated a bail of $75,000 and that Kodak was meant to be released from jail later. The situation had gotten intense.

On Twitter, his lawyer said "There are always additional facts and circumstances that give rise to a defense, especially in this case. We will get him a bond today and move forward with resolving the matter quickly"

Kodak Black was also arrested In January on the charges of trespassing. However, the prosecutors decided not to proceed with the case. In January 2021, he had to serve 4 years of jail time because he falsified documents to buy weapons. This was a seriously bad move on his part. He only served two of those four years.


Fans have been shocked to hear about his recent arrest. Many of his fans are defending him however many people believe that he is becoming a danger to society. The decision for what happens is still not made but fans hope it would be a good decision for him.

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