Kodak Black's Tour Buses Were Reportedly Raided

Kodak Black's Tour Buses Were Reportedly Raided
Credit: Source: bet.com

It looks like Kodak Black's legal issues are nowhere near over and they seem to be intensifying. It was reported that he was arrested not too long ago .

Kodak had a show at the House of Blues in Boston and never showed. Kodak’s team said they have  not been able to locate him for a few days.

People freaked out because this happened just after he massively offended the late rapper Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London, and then rapper T.I. and his family as well.

TMZ reported back then that ‘Kodak was arrested on weapons and drugs charges at the U.S. Border. Law enforcement charges revealed to the site that Kodak along with three other people were stopped by U.S. Customs Agents as they were entering the U.S. from Canada.’

The man got arrested for criminal possession of a weapon, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge. According to more insiders, it seems that he was traveling with at least two guns, according to TSR.

Hot New Hip Hop writes, citing data from The Blast, that the rapper was performing in Washington D.C. when the police raided his tour buses.

It seems that the Metropolitan Police Dept. of the District of Columbia has entered his tour buses and searched all the vehicles.

The Blast reported that weapons were found and members of Kodak's entourage have been arrested. People believe that the rapper has a snitch in his crew.

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