Kodak Black Apologizes For His Inappropriate Comments To Lauren London Following Nipsey Hussle's Passing

Kodak Black Apologizes For His Inappropriate Comments To Lauren London Following Nipsey Hussle's Passing
Credit: BET

You may recall the hate that Kodak Black received following his comments he made for Lauren London after the untimely passing of her beloved Nipsey Hussle. Now, he's on social media, and he's apologizing for everything that he said.

Back when he made his comments, he got a lot of shade from fans and also from celebrities.

Check out his emotional message below.

'Willin To Accept When I’m Wrong & Stand Firm When I’m Right. The Whole World Know Your Example Was A Guiding Light. I Pray Your Fam Light & Accept This Humble Apology In My Kite. You Remind Me Of Icecube, Bunchy Carter & Huey P. A Hustler & Owner The Second Coming Of Easy E. What Happened To You Could’ve Happened To Me! Im a Young Philanthropist Like You," Kodak began his message.

He continued and said: 'Even Tho We From Two Different Worlds, I Saw Your Vision But I Notice That My Words Are Often Misinterpreted. Sometimes A Man Say Things He Doesn’t Really Mean But On Some Z Shit I Never Meant To Disrespect Your Queen, Homie I Was Really Respecting Your Scene. #FLYHIGH Ima Keep The Marathon Going #KINGKAHAN @nipseyhussle @laurenlondon.'

People offered him their support but some haters still emerged in the comments.

Someone said: 'It takes a man to admit his wrongs. Don’t matter if it took a year or ten years. Salute to growth.'

A follower posted this: 'That's what a man who is growing and learning says...' and one other follower posted: 'He is YOUNG! Pls don’t cancel him! He’s just learning!!'

One commenter said: 'If so many are willing to accept apologies from these white folks and their hate. We have to be more than willing to accept an apology from this brother's apology for being insensitive.'

Someone else wrote: 'How about he apologize to LAUREN instead,' and another follower posted this message: 'never forget when he said he prefers light skin women over dark skin women because light skin women are weaker.'

A person said: 'Okay now apologize to all the dark skin women that you continue to degrade & offend.'

Fans of the rapper know that he has been getting a lot of good news over the last few weeks,  including when prosecutors dropped several gun charges against him.


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