Kodak Black Reveals That He'll Release A New Song From Behind Bars

Kodak Black Reveals That He'll Release A New Song From Behind Bars
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Kodak Black, the incarcerated rapper, has plans to drop a brand new single from behind bars, a new report from Hot New Hip Hop revealed. Fans of the rapper know that he has been getting a lot of good news over the last few weeks, including when prosecutors dropped several gun charges against him.

Moreover, the performing artist has said in the past that he'll be "coming home soon." Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, fans of Kodak Black have been urging for the judge to be easy on the rapper, arguing that he's a non-violent offender and should be allowed to serve the rest of his sentence at home, rather than behind bars.

As it was previously reported, Kodak Black managed to avoid fifteen years in prison after his lawyer convinced the authorities in Florida to drop several of the charges against him.

Regarding his upcoming single, Kodak Black shared an image on his social media along with the caption, "This Ones For Florida. Vultures Cry 2."

Reportedly, the image was the cover art for his new song that'll come out on the 11th of June. Kodak Black says it'll be released on his birthday. As it was mentioned above, the rapper has also insinuated that he'll be on his way home soon.

Kodak wrote that he was going to be "home real soon" to reveal all of his new projects. All of the good news surrounding Kodak Black has persisted for a few weeks, including on the 6th of June, when Bridget Hill revealed he had two weapons charges dropped.

Bradford Cohen, Kodak Black's lawyer, spoke with the Miami-Dade State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle, and their conversation went well for the rapper. They agreed to drop two gun charges.

He was charged with obtaining a firearm while being prohibited to do so. He could've been in prison for fifteen years had the charges not been dropped. Kodak Black has also been accused of lying on a firearm registration form to get a weapon.

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