Kimora Lee Simmons' Brilliant Daughter Aoki Paints Dark Picture Of Some Of Her Classmates In Emotional Video

Kimora Lee Simmons' Brilliant Daughter Aoki Paints Dark Picture Of Some Of Her Classmates In Emotional Video
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Aoki Lee Simmons has taken to social media to pour her heart out and explain that she is tired of getting called the N-word by a white bully at her school.

The teen daughter of Kimora Lee Simmons and ex-husband Russell Simmons confessed in a series of videos that the mean students use the racial slur all the time and everyone laughs.

The bright young lady explained that she has repeatedly asked the boy to stop in vain.

Fighting back tears, Aoki confessed: “I am so over people at my school being racist and no one doing anything about it! I’m busy! I’m trying to go to Yale; I’m trying to go to Harvard! I don’t have time for you! And this particular kid, I swear all day long, he’s white, and he just cannot stop saying the N-word. It’s his favorite thing to say. He just cannot. I don’t even use it like that. Like, he just loves to use it and see how far he can push it and see how many people he can offend and all his friends don’t care. They think they’re woke and nice, good people, his friends, but they don’t stop him."

She went on to explain: “So, he’s done many things to me. We were put in a group together, forced. He is a goof-off, so I’m doing the work … So I’m doing that thing when you’re writing, and you’re thinking … I guess he found that weird so he looks up from his phone — Mr. Doing No Work — and he goes, ‘N—er, are you on crack or something?’ I was like ‘What? What are you talking about? Leave me alone!'”

She added: "But I’ve been asking you to stop calling me the N-word since 9th grade– 10th grade! I’ve been asking you since I’ve known you. Three years in the same school, I’ve asked you to stop it. And he’s not, and it makes me so mad!”

She does not plan to tell school officials about the matter.

She concluded by: “If I was gonna go to the office I’d have been to the office. I woulda been there three weeks ago; you would have already been expelled. I don’t care. I just want you to not address me anymore.”

Aoki seems to be very mature for her age.

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