Russell Simmons Posts This Rare Photo Of Ex Kimora Lee Simmons, He Gets Dragged And Is Forced To Explain Why He Dated Her When She Was A Teenager

Russell Simmons Posts This Rare Photo Of Ex Kimora Lee Simmons, He Gets Dragged And Is Forced To Explain Why He Dated Her When She Was A Teenager
Credit: Instagram

Russell Simmons is already in a heap of trouble, and he has decided to create even more drama with a birthday message to his ex-wife, Kimora Lee Simmons.

The music and fashion mogul is currently facing accusations of sexual assault and rape from several women. Russell took to social media where he penned a sweet note to wish Kimora a happy birthday.

He was dragged for dating a minor and was forced to explain how and when he met Kimora. He also took the opportunity to answer the question that has been on everyone's mind -- did he start dating Kimora when she was a teenager?

According to The Jasmine Brand , Russell said: "I never do this but…. That's not true… She turned 18 right after I met her February fashion week Tyra banks (our bridesmaid) Cindy Crawford Naomi were all backstage at the Mary McFadden show they said I was a modelizer and that I wasn't gonna stick around… I think that may have inspired her [laughing emoji] (the challenge). "We got to know each other by May we were dating. She was legal at 17, But she turned 18 that may help her mother and her manager Bethann Hardison approved supported and Rushed us (we really didn't need a push), and the love affair began People like to talk every so often I lose my cool and talkback so take this advice Be happy and share happiness… try to think uplifting thoughts and keep learning to practice love… that's our goal… oh, and celebrate the queen @kimoraleesimmons."

Russell was 35, and Kimora was 17 when they met. Russell and Kimora wed six years later, which means -- Russell was 41, and Kimora was 23.

One person stated: "That just means her momma was looking for that check. 🤷🏽‍♀️"

A second commenter added: "You're still a minor at the age of 17; no grown-as man should be even approaching her at that age."

Someone on Twitter chimed in: "I get it, and she probably was 18...grown.*..but what does a 35-year-old MAN have in common with an 18-year-old?!"

Another follower explained: "Y'all trying so hard to ruin our black men...smh they got married and had do y'all ever take these men's kids into consideration with y'all slander and sh*t?😒"

A contrarian defended the music star: "But it's not illegal. And they ended up being together for years, got married and had a family so to try to paint him as some serial pedophile is creepy. Clearly, everyone around them family included approves of their relationship, so who are we to judge almost 30 years later? They have kids who read this shit! There are REAL white pedos and abusers in the industry the never report on. So because the first accusation didn't work, let's take it back 30 years to his ex-WIFE? Negative.😒"

Russell has a lot of explaining to do on this subject.


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