Russell Simmons Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dropped By The Accuser

Russell Simmons Sexual Assault Lawsuit Dropped By The Accuser
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Hot New Hip Hop reported this week that a judge has called for at least one civil suit against Russell Simmons to be dropped. Hip-hop fans know Russell has been in the headlines a number of times over the last two years for sexual misconduct allegations.

Even though Russell has adamantly denied accusations of harassment, assault, and rape, a few of his accusers spoke on the record for the documentary, On The Record , in which they touched on their perception of Russell Simmon's personal relationships.

As it was previously reported, in 2018, Russell was sued by an anonymous woman but the lawsuit was subsequently tossed out due to the statute of limitations. The woman claims Russell had raped her in 1988 and the complaint was filed four years after the statute of limitations expired.

Mark H Epstein wrote in a court ruling at the time that the incident supposedly occurred in 1988, but she filed the suit in 2018. The judge said the woman should've filed a complaint against Simmons in 1990, however, she had until 2014 to bring Russell to trial.

The judge then gave the woman and her legal team several weeks to continue with the case, but they never reached out, so Judge Epstein had it dismissed. Previously, Simmons claimed the lawsuit was nothing more than an attempt to get money out of him.

Russell also pointed out that she wanted $100 million in compensation. Since then, Russell has been all but silent on social media, with a few posts here and there.

Not long after the allegations came out against Simmons, Oprah Winfrey announced she was going to act as the executive producer for, On The Record , a documentary detailing the abuse Simmons inflicted on his alleged victims.


However, Oprah then backed away from the project at the last minute because she felt the story hadn't been told in enough detail. The filmmakers later came out to say that they had been left out in the cold; they needed Oprah to support the movie.

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