Kim Zolciak Claims Her Make-Up Line Is A Huge Success, Despite Backlash From Customers

Kim Zolciak Claims Her Make-Up Line Is A Huge Success, Despite Backlash From Customers
Credit: Source: Fox News

Kim Zolciak may be a little delusional when it comes to her new make-up line . The Don't Be Tardy star has been touting the success of her new lip kit on social media, despite the fact that fans have overwhelmingly given it bad reviews online.

Customers who ordered Zolciak's kit from KAB Cosmetics received their shipments this week. So far, fans have reacted negatively to the product and have taken issue with the colors and overall quality of the make-up. In fact, several unlucky customers commented about how their lipstick was cracked upon arrival and is not true to its color.

"I want to like this so much but the product quality is underwhelming to say the least," one reviewer noted. "…Almost like a light wear gloss, but it’s labeled as a lipstick. It takes several… several coats to get full coverage."

Staff members with KAB Cosmetics answered some of the complaints online. They explained how the differences in color is because the lipstick highlights varying tones depending on the user's natural pigmentation. They also encouraged people who had received damaged lip kits to send them back.

This, of course, is not the first time Zolciak has gotten backlash for her make-up line. According to Radar Online , fans previously accused the Don't Be Tardy star of stealing from other brands and even using the same name colors as Kylie Jenner's line of lipstick. Zolciak also misled fans by sharing a promo photo for the new make-up line that was taken a year before the product was made.

Zolciak later apologized for posting the old photo but tried to justify it by saying she got the idea for her lipstick by mixing and matching other brands. Her explanation did not sit well with her followers on social media, who thought she never should have shared the image in the first place.

Although Kim Zolciak was blasted on her make-up line, she did receive some good reviews from customers. Whether or not that equals a success is yet to be seen.

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