Kim Zolciak's Lip Kits Are A Hot Mess! Don't Be Tardy Star Accused Of Copying Kylie Jenner

Kim Zolciak's Lip Kits Are A Hot Mess! Don't Be Tardy Star Accused Of Copying Kylie Jenner
Credit: Source: ABC

Kim Zolciak cannot catch a break on her new lip kit. The Don’t Be Tardy star was accused of wearing a different brand in promotional images for her new product, and now fans believe she is copying Kylie Jenner’s makeup line.

A few weeks ago, Zolciak launched her KAB Cosmetics with her two oldest daughters, Brielle and Ariana Biermann . But fans were quick to notice that Zolciak’s lip kit closely resembled another design from NARS. Some fans even commented on how the color options are named the same as Jenner’s lip products, including Red Velvet and Cherry Pie.

“Why are you copying @kyliejenner?” one fan questions her. “Come up with your own idea not a ‘lip kit.’”

Other fans were not as kind. Some bashed Zolciak for coming up with a “cheater brand,” while others speculated that the reality star is setting herself up for a lawsuit. Jenner has yet to comment on Zolciak’s lip kit, but it is possible that the Don’t Be Tardy star just started a major feud.

The copying accusations, meanwhile, come weeks after Zolciak posted questionable promotional photos for the lip kit. According to Radar Online , Zolciak shared photos of herself to promote her new product, and fans quickly bashed her after discovering that the images were taken well over a year ago.

The photos were actually from the fall of 2017, long before the lip kit was ever put in production. Zolciak later acknowledged that the photos were old and that she was not wearing her lip products in the image. She did, however, explain how she mixed several different products to achieve the look, which ended up making it into the lip kit.

The explanation did not appease fans, who criticized her for stealing products from other companies. Some even called Zolciak out for lying to fans by posting the image and acting like it was an accurate representation of her product.

Kim Zolciak has yet to respond to the latest round of criticism.


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  • Pat
    Pat Feb 16, 2019 6:05 PM PST

    Why does every celebrity have to do the same thing another is successful at?

    • Led Zeppelin Girl
      Led Zeppelin Girl Feb 16, 2019 10:55 PM PST

      They All do it!! One does iconic eyeshadow palette and the rest follow in suit. There's only so much you can do anymore bc everything's already out there and there are other lip kits. Kim and her girls are known for their lips so they started with a lip kit!! Who cares?? If that's copying then everyone else is copying too. It's called business. If you have something you want no one else to do PATENT IT!! Two popular candle companies have some very similar candles...I don't hear anyone itchin about that!! How many companies have the same face washes?? Glycolic, mckellar etc. One makes it the rest follow suit. BFD!!

  • Led Zeppelin Girl
    Led Zeppelin Girl Feb 16, 2019 2:45 PM PST

    Just bc Kylie has a lip kit no one else can?! Kylie went from no lips to filling them til they were ready to pop and ppl noticed so she did a lip kit, she doesn't have a patent saying no other company can have a lip kit!! After her kid was born she said she was going to stop doing her lips but she didn't. Kylie's lips big fn deal!! She'd be nobody if her sister didn't make a sx tape and follow Paris Hilton around like a lost puppy!! Personally I'd never buy anything those Kardashian's put out!! But I would buy Kim Biermanns. Don't let the haters bring you and your daughters down Kim although I know you won't. Congratulations KAB Cosmetics!!

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