Kim Kardashian Is Praised By Fans After She Reportedly Helped 17 Inmates Get Out Of Jail In Three Months

Kim Kardashian Is Praised By Fans After She Reportedly Helped 17 Inmates Get Out Of Jail In Three Months
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Kim Kardashian is currently studying to be a lawyer, and this is not a secret anymore. She's been testing these waters for quite a while now, and Kanye West's wife even managed to do a lot of good for some incarcerated people so far.

The Shade Room is here with the latest news that has people respecting Kim even more than before.

A lot of fans are showing their complete support and haters turned into fans after Kim's most recent actions.

TSR reported that Kim has been using her platform to help inmates get a second chance, and she has been working hard in order to help get them out of prison.

But not everything has been made public so far, according to the online publication mentioned above. It looks like Kim may have 'quietly been helping more inmates than we thought,' they write.

TSR cites TMZ and says that 'Kim and her legal team have reportedly helped 17 inmates gain their freedom over the course of the last three months. Each of the inmates had been serving years in prison without parole for low-level drug offenses.'

TSR also reported that 'The initiative is reportedly a part of a campaign called 90 Days of Freedom,' which was launched by Kim’s attorney Brittany Barnett, in conjunction with attorney MiAngel Cody of The Decarceration Collective.'

Kim has reportedly been secretly funding the campaign as Barnett and Cody work on the legal side of things.

Lil Duval hopped in the comments to make fun of the situation and said this: 'So a 100 years from now the people will think she was the Harriett Tubman of our time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #legacy.'

There were a lot of people who defended Kim. Someone said 'Y’all wanted her to contribute to the culture, now she is and y’all STILL MAD.'

Someone else posted 'I'm glad these people are getting freed from jail, but I gotta couple questions. 1) why does she have so much leverage and pull?? 2) why is she not freeing people other than blacks; there's a lot of Hispanic and white folks in jail for the same thing. I just need someone to explain this to me.'

A follower said 'Can we give the real credit to the black lawyer Brittany Barnett who has been doing her thing and not Kim who is trying to take the damn recognition because of her name 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 #salutetoBrittanyBarnett the real mvp 🙌🏽'

What do you think about Kim's initiative?


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