Kim Kardashian And Kourtney's Feud Continues - But Khloe Is Caught In The Aftermath

Kim Kardashian And Kourtney's Feud Continues - But Khloe Is Caught In The Aftermath
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Fans of Keeping Up With The Kardashians are fully aware that Kim Kardashian and Kourtney don't always get along. In a recent episode, the two reality stars feuded so much to the point that an altercation between them turned physical.

In a new clip from the aforementioned series, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney get into it as well, not long after her fight with the wife of Kanye West. As it was previously reported, their feud came to its conclusion this past week when Kim confronted her about her supposed poor work-ethic.

Kourtney asks her sister in the clip if they really think she wants to come into a "negative environment" with them every day, adding that it was "torture." Khloe says to her in response, "I thought we were talking about Kendall."

Appearing confused, Khloe wonders what's going on, and how the interaction changed so quickly, especially after Kourtney becomes visibly exasperated. Khloe tells her that if she's so unhappy with them, she might as well leave.

The reality star has said in the past that she doesn't actually have many problems at all with Khloe when they're not filming. Regardless, Kim becomes upset and tells her to get out, to which Kourtney responds, "I don't want to be near your fat a**, ok?"

Later, Kourtney says in the confessional that she can't take the incessant criticism, while Kim, Khloe, and Kendall Jenner go on to explain what really went down between all of them. Reportedly, the feud first began between Kendall and Kim, however, she's unclear how Kourtney got involved.

Khloe says in the confessional that she doesn't get why Kendall got so mad either. It was reported earlier this week that the Kardashian sisters weren't getting along very well.

Fans of the reality star family know that Kourtney and Kim sometimes feud over her supposed laziness. Last year, Kim accused Kourtney of being the "least interesting to look at," which a social media commenter recently alluded too on the 'Gram.


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