Kenya Moore's Fans Warn Her About Marc Daly: 'Do Some Research On Narcissistic Husbands And Abuse'

Kenya Moore's Fans Warn Her About Marc Daly: 'Do Some Research On Narcissistic Husbands And Abuse'
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Kenya Moore shared a photo from one of her ski trips, and her fan loved the fact that she's so adventurous. Check out the pic, which impressed a lot of her followers below.

'#TBT black diamond anyone? #blackskiclub #ski,' Kenya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I love u Kenya Moore stay strong beautiful,' and a follower posted this: 'That's why I love you. You are the most adventurous, sporty, outgoing, and enlightened amongst the ladies. There's hardly anything you can't do.'

One other commenter wrote: 'Great pic!! I don’t think there is anything you can’t do!! 🌸' and someone else shared: 'Not black diamond!!! Of course, you conquered it like everything else. 😍'

A fan said: 'UHHHH... NOPE on the black diamond. I need to start on the kiddie slopes!!!' and someone else brought up Marc Daly and posted: 'Marc is a terrible example for black men. Dump him, Queen.'

A fan told Kenya: 'I don’t know what they would do without you!!! I just can’t stop talking about you. They’re low key fans!'

Someone else had a piece of advice for Kenya, again, related to marc: 'Please do some research on Narcissistic husbands and narcissistic abuse. If you can strongly relate to the signs and scenarios of narcissistic abuse, please get out ...if not for you than for your beautiful baby girl... Be Blessed!'

One of Kenya's followers praised her and said: 'I just love this strong, resilient black woman @thekenyamoore,' and someone else posted this: 'love it! girl why aren't you defending yourself fr the moose, she has been dragging you all week on social media!'

Someone else said: '@thekenyamoore how are you?! Stay strong and take care of yourself. You now have a daughter who depends on you. Take care of yourself.'

Other than this, Kenya made her fans happy when she shared some gorgeous new pics featuring her baby girl, Brooklyn Daly. In one of the pics, Kenya says that her daughter looks like a warrior princess .

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