Tamron Hall Shares Photos Of Herself As A Baby With Her First Shoes And Did The Same With Her Son, Moses -- Fans Are In Love With All The Cuteness

Tamron Hall Shares Photos Of Herself As A Baby With Her First Shoes And Did The Same With Her Son, Moses -- Fans Are In Love With All The Cuteness
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Tamron Hall is one happy and hard-working mama who often posts adorable photos of her son, Moses, whom she shares with husband Steve Greener.

This week, the Texan media personality delighted her Instagram followers with a sweet picture of baby Moses with his pair of shoes -- and he hates them.

Hall explained: “What are those?” Uh, this shoe thing is not working out! Ten months in and he is mama’s spirit animal. Country kid, no shoes as long as possible! #mosesandmama. Kick them off. #luling in our blood."

To prove her point, Hall posted a photo of her first pair of and stated: "Flashback Friday. I guess I did wear shoes as a baby lol. At least in one pic. See Yall Monday all New LIVE shows @tamronhallshow #tamfam #babytamron #fbf #mosesandmama."

Fans love the sweet photos and rushed in the comment section to share sweet notes.

This follower wrote: "Awe he's adorable! Those shoes look like they're on the wrong feet, but I'm sure they're not. Absolutely adorable he sure is growing so fast and looking already like a big boy 😍😍😍
That’s some good baby chunk -a- Munk! He’s the cutest!!! God bless him."

Another tipster replied: "Tamron, your shoe game is always on point, you know those aren’t shoes...and apparently so does Moses 😂 #nofoolingthiskidOf course he wants those Crocs off!!! Better to be barefoot than be in Crocs🤣😂."

A third commenter stated: "Awwww.. look at him; so cute!!! My youngest is ten, and she still hates shoes. LOL!! You are so very beautiful, Tamron, your child, is beautiful ... show us more pics of your husband. I'm positive that he is as pretty as you and baby Moses."

Hall recently did an interview with good friend Gabrielle Union and had this to say about being a working mother: "People keep asking me how I’m balancing everything, and I say, “Honestly, I’m not.” Recently my husband and I were at this little beach house with Moses for a weekend, and he said: “Maybe I’ll stay for the week with the baby and the nanny while you go back to work.” My heart and lungs were like, “That’s a terrible idea!” Of course, my husband is fully capable—he’s Moses’s dad!—but I’m only human, and the idea of leaving my son for a week while I went off to work felt truly terrible. So our whole family packed it up and went back to the city together. [Laughs]"

She continued: "And I was recently doing promo for the show in Boston, and my flight was delayed, and I just kept saying, “I want to get home and see my child before he goes to sleep.” Well, I didn’t make it home until 2:00 AM. But after that night, I realized, “You know what? I’m not going to beat myself up. Moses was none the wiser.” It helps that I have friends who say, “Tamron, just give up on balance. There are going to be days that you cry, days where you laugh—you’re just going to do your best.” That’s all you can do. That’s the ticket."

Hall is trying to manage her career and family.

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