Kenya Moore's Baby Brooklyn Has 2 Teeth Growing - Check Out The Adorable Pics!

Kenya Moore's Baby Brooklyn Has 2 Teeth Growing - Check Out The Adorable Pics!
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She’s growing up so fast! Believe it or not but Kenya Moore’s baby daughter, 9 month old Brooklyn’s teeth are already coming in!

The proud mother took to social media to post some adorable pics of her baby grinning and showing off her pretty smile while she was wearing an equally pretty red dress.

Kenya has a very happy child it seems and she could not help but share some of those positive vibes with her many followers.

That being said she also gave them a peek at her two bottom teeth that are growing in!

This is not the first time fans are seeing the budding smile since they spotted teeth last week in a video of her laughing as well but now, it looks like Brooklyn has two more on the way!

‘9 months!!! I can crawl, I have 2 more teeth coming up top and I’m pulling myself up!’ the caption wrote by the baby’s mother updated everyone on her progress.

She went on to also reveal that ‘My first word is ‘neighborhood’ no one believes my mommy but I did say it!’

The pics she attacked alongside the cute message feature her daughter on the kitchen counter in a red and white floral dress with ruffles.

As for the accessories, she has a white bow headband on her head, making her even more adorable!

The said headband, she was also wearing almost a week ago so maybe it’s her favorite?

Brooklyn may be 9 months old and just now teething but her IG account already has no less than 150K followers!

Her bio reads: ‘I’m a miracle baby join me for milk and cookies and of course tea.’ How cute!


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