Kenya Moore Shows Off A Few Gorgeous Outfits, Leaving Her Fans In Awe

Kenya Moore Shows Off A Few Gorgeous Outfits, Leaving Her Fans In Awe
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Kenya Moore showed off some pretty amazing outfits on her social media account, asking fans which one is their favorite. Her followers started praising her in the comments.

'#RHOA fashions #1 #2 or #3 @bravotv #kenyamoore #fashion #celebrityfashion,' Kenya captioned her photo which shows her in three gorgeous outfits.

Someone said: 'Just watched deliver us from Eva last night and I and bae always look forward to your part lol,' and another follower posted this: 'I looked at your beauty as a kid, and you’re still amazingly beautiful today all these years

A fan asked Kenya: 'Where’s the white two-piece from ❣️😩 from the leopard lunch 😂'

One follower said: 'After seeing Sunday night's episode I just wanted to hug you. You are enough, and you are worth way more than that! I hated that he treated you that way. All I kept saying is “asshole” just about every scene I’ve seen him in this season. It’s like he knows you are everything, but he doesn’t want you to feel like you are on a pedestal when that is exactly where you should put your wife! I pray you are able to move on & find the super upgrade! I know it’s hard, and it hurts, but you are strong!!'

Someone else praised Kenya and said: 'You’re lovely! And your baby is everything! @thekenyamoore.'

A follower answered Kenya's question and said: 'All beautiful, but #2 is everything. You covered all the bases: Classy, sexy, stylish, on-trend,...This is why they’re so bothered.'

One other commenter also addressed the most recent RHOA episode: '@thekenyamoore gurl that last episode was hard to watch, it was sad and disrespectful on every level.'

Someone else said: 'You are a powerhouse mama 💎he couldn’t handle it🔥 , but it’s OK, this too shall pass ❤️ love you.'

Kenya recently made fans happy when she shared a bunch of her pics and videos featuring her daughter, Brooklyn Daly.

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