Kenya Moore Makes Fans Smile With Another Throwback Video

Kenya Moore Makes Fans Smile With Another Throwback Video
Credit: BET

Kenya Moore shared a throwback video with which she managed to make her fans smile a bit during these terrible times in which er are living these days. Check out the clip below.

'Kenya Moore is a living Barbie!!! Love her. I just want sis to win,' a fan said and another follower posted this: 'Been booked and busy like Cynthia and kandi some of the girls claim to fame is ... the show and the show only.'

Someone else posted: 'Kenya. U have all the receipts..u r established in Hollywood...Nene and Porsha will never be,' and a follower said: 'This exact moment is when Kenya was at the soul train awards while Nene was stripping with that hateful shape.'

One other follower said: 'Brandy look innocent 😂 who is that broad shoving folks lmfao.'

Someone else said: 'Oh my (as I clutch my pearls) but did she shove you out the way, and then cut her eyes at you in the next clip. The shade of it all.'

A fan posted this: 'Loved that Kenya maintained her composure the whole time. Very classy!' and someone else gushed over the ladies as well: 'Such beauties. Seriously our people are so beautiful. Just glowing. The looks on @thekenyamoore and @brandy faces...tells the story.'

Kenya also shared an emotional post: 'Hold on He will hold you.'

I sat in the dark with people for years, final saw the light 💡 some people love the dark and will not let go of it.

Someone posted this: 'Amen Kenya. He is our refuge and strength, a very present help in times of trouble. There will always be difficult times, but he never leave us nor forsake us. We just have to trust him and hold on ( have faith)' and a commenter said: 'Seems like I’ve been sitting in the dark alone for some time..thank you for this post...'

Kenya Moore  shared a  video  on her baby girl’s social media account and  made fans happy once again. Brooklyn Daly  is the sweetest baby.

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