Kenya Moore Had The Best Weekend Together With Her Daughter, Brookie

Kenya Moore Had The Best Weekend Together With Her Daughter, Brookie
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Kenya Moore had a great weekend with her miracle baby, and she made sure to keep her fans updated. She recently shared a photo on her social media account in which Kenya is together with Brooklyn Daly , looking at a giraffe. Check out the pic below.

'Always reach for new heights. Happy Sunday!' Kenya captioned her post.

A follower said: 'Brooklyn said no ma’am no ma’am no ma’am,' and someone else posted this: 'All I know is you got to be Brooklyn’s agent and get her some advert. We need that face on some baby products. She too cute.'

One other follower posted: 'Brooklyn is looking like you got me messed up!' and someone else said: 'I’m really happy you didn’t say happy fourth like a lot of people did thank you.'

A follower posted this: 'Brooklyn looking like “What is happening right now”' and one other commenter said: 'This photo looks like a children storybook cover PICTURE PERFECT 👌🏽'

Someone else posted: 'Brooklyn has the same reaction I would have,' and another follower said: 'Why lil mama looking at the giraffe-like, "wtf is that, mom!?"'

Someone else said: 'Brooklyn smells trouble! Her facial expression,' and a follower posted this message: 'They will actually let you feed them and bring their head down to your hand. That's when it gets scary though. Lol.'

A commenter said: 'She’s looking like oh no mama!! I love family time!! Call me sometimes Kenya,' and someone else posted: 'Looking beautiful Kenya! And how cute is that giraffe.'

Someone else posted: 'Beautiful Kenya! Can’t wait for that in the new system. I want one in my backyard,' and a commenter wrote: 'Kenya your such a great mom I love you and little Brooklyn so much both of you make each other so happy.'

A follower said: 'Do the same @thekenyamoore do the same. Hope you find kind and compassionate love with a man that gives you 5 more babies and takes in Baby B as his own. #levelup.'

Earlier today, it's been revealed that Kenya also  shared a photo on her baby girl’s social media account in which Brookie is together with a pony.

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