Kenya Moore Is Fighting To Help Combat Maternal Mortality

Kenya Moore Is Fighting To Help Combat Maternal Mortality
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Kenya Moore impressed hew fans with a message that she shared a few days ago. She's promoting the fight against maternal mortality as you will see below.

People have all kinds of reactions to her post.

'BLACK LIVES MATTER Help combat Maternal mortality courtesy of @violadavis,' Kenya captioned her post.

Someone posted: 'This is beautiful and YES BLACK LIVES MATTER! 🖤🖤🖤' and a follower said: 'All lives matter, whether color, race or religion, we are all part of the human race.'

A follower said: 'This is so important! I was terrified to give birth in a hospital because I knew the statics for black women and child birth! I WILL be donating to this cause!'

Someone else posted this: 'I don't understand this. I've never heard that black women have such high maternal mortality. Us it because of racism, white doctors don't care about black women? I've got a hard time believing it's because of that. Does the black race have some sort of gene or whatever that makes them a higher risk? Like sickle cell or even COVID right now they say blacks get it more and they don't know why. Just wondering. Also, I'd love to see more black babies saved from the abortionists. More black lives die that way. Help the women who feel like that's their best or only choice. Keep mommy and baby alive.'

One other follower had this to say: 'There is One 2020 ELECTION for the President of the USA. This election is about our country the United States of America.. One Nation under God indivisible for Liberty, Justice, For All.. We Have a GREAT 45th President Donald J Trump who has given the AMERICAN PEOPLE Hope, Faith, Strength and Gave us all he has and took the Power from the democrats and gave the power back to the people our country is strong our jobs, our benefits, our security, our Prosperity, our 2nd amendment, our CONSTITUTION, our Freedom of Speech, our Freedom, our homes our bank accounts.'

The same person pointed pout that 'Stocks are rising. he took it away from the demonrats before he came we were weak oblivious to what was going on around us we had our eyes and ears closed he MADE America Great and America has become the Greatest and Strongest Country in the World. We are #1 in NATURAL GAS and OIL He has made our U.S. Military the strongest in the World we will Have the Greatest Economy in the History of the USA we have everything..we have our lives our CHILDREN are SAFER there is no more killings in gun-free zones.'

As expected, the person above received a lot of hate in the comments.

Another follower told Kenya: 'Thank you for posting this!! People tend to overlook how fatal prenatal care & childbirth is to women of color as opposed to white counterparts, systemic racism plays a heavy role in the medical community just as it does in the judicial system!!'

Kenya Moore  shared a few new pics that have fans praising her like there’s no tomorrow. Check her out in a gorgeous dress!

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