Kenya Moore's Fans Are Debating RHOA On Her Social Media Account - The Famous Wig Issue Comes Up

Kenya Moore's Fans Are Debating RHOA On Her Social Media Account - The Famous Wig Issue Comes Up
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Yesterday, RHOA's fans were thrilled to see a brand new episode following a break of two weeks due to the Grammys and the Super Bowl. Here's what Kenya Moore posted on her social media account ahead of the show.

'“She brought a wig, so I brought the cookie lady!” And all new #RHOA tonight at 8/7c. “I like to look extra pretty when I Read a bish”... 👸🏾 #KenyaMoore #savagemoves #SheCameForMe1st #nofakenews,' Kenya captioned her post.

Someone said: 'I read so many comments weeks ago with people not having a problem with Tanya bring the wig to spa. And everybody saying Kenya's hair wasn’t real and acting like Kenya wear wigs all the time. It seems to me people always want Kenya to take the high road but is ok when Kenya is done wrong. I don’t blame her for bringing the cookies lady let Tanya hear from her bravo had that lady on the show. That was a savage move Kandi warned her about Kenya.'

A commenter posted this: 'Tanya doesn't like Kenya and because Nene doesn't like Kenya. This makes Tanya a follower. They replayed Kenya's conversation with Tanya, and Kenya was NOT aggressive at all. Liked Tanya last season, but this season not too much. Tanya lost her backbone. I guess that's what happens when you lose your peach.'

Someone posted this: 'Kenya, we know you have hair. Lots of hair. We understand you wore a wig for whatever reason you'd like. We are not thinking that deep into it that it would discredit your brand.'

Another one of Kenya's followers said: 'I’m team Kenya all day, BUT that table talk when you kept looking Tanya’s way, talking about cheating husbands and boyfriends was shady. At some point, someone has to be the mature person and say “WHO CARES.” Vengeance is mine. I will repay says the Lord.'

In other news, Kenya had fans in awe with the latest video that she shared on her social media account.

It features Marc Daly holding baby Brooklyn Daly and looking out the window to see snow in Atlanta.

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