Kenya Moore Impresses Fans With A Video On Social Media - Check It Out Here

Kenya Moore Impresses Fans With A Video On Social Media - Check It Out Here
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Kenya Moore discovered a really cool trick that you can use in your yard. She shared a video on her social media account that left fans pretty impressed.

'OMG, this is fabulous and safe,' Kenya exclaimed in the caption.

A lot of people adored this idea, but there were also lots of folks who said that this is really dangerous and it can end really badly.

A follower exclaimed: 'Wow! Never seen that before.'

A fan said: 'nice but think if it ever malfunctions and closes and you can’t open it? You essentially have a grave in your backyard. I am not willing to take that chance. But maybe there is more info about safe/malfunctions.'

A fan freaked out and said: 'Until someone gets stuck under there and can’t get out!!!!' and someone else was on the same page: 'Until someone is in there and it is activated to close by the devil or mechanical failure 😭'

One other person also believes that this whole thing is dangerous: 'I Think this is dangerous actually. I don’t want to have to imagine someone pressing that button when someone like an adolescent is in there.'

Someone else said: 'The things folks come up with is amazing. There’s always ways to make money; BIG MONEY! Whoever did this, will make a killing. This is so cool.'

A fan posted: 'That's neat, I would love to be living there with my Queen Kenya and Brooklyn,' and someone else wrote this: 'Beautiful go ahead and have it installed at your fabulous home.'

Other than this, Kenya made her fans excited when she showed off her haircare line of products that ladies can use these days while they are at home to regrow their hair.

Usually, people are praising this line of products of the RHOA star like there's no tomorrow.

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