Kenya Moore Gets Shaded For Trying To Steal 'RHOA' Thunder With Baby Brooklyn Daly Video

Kenya Moore Gets Shaded For Trying To Steal 'RHOA' Thunder With Baby Brooklyn Daly Video
Credit: Instagram

Can Kenya Moore get ahold of a mathematician to confirm that her sweet baby girl, Brooklyn Daly, is indeed two months old?

The former reality TV star took to social media on Sunday afternoon where she posted a cute photo shoot of her infant daughter whom she shares with husband, Marc Daly.

The new mom captioned the photo: "@thebrooklyndaly 2 months #miraclebaby #love #family #love."

Many are bashing Kenya because they say her child is not two months old and she is stealing thunder from a new episode of RHOA .

A person said: "Can you count January 4th makes 2 months."

This fan explained: "She is a beautiful looking baby And will be so loved. Congratulations again if you count weeks from the 4th of Nov (the day she was born) she is 8 weeks on Sunday the 30th Dec which is 2 months since each month is made up of 4 weeks. If you count weeks from the 4th of Nov (the day she was born), she is 8 weeks on Sunday the 30th Dec which is 2 months since each month is made up of 4 weeks. Kenya baby was born on Sunday, does Sunday belongs to RHOA?come on, wake up and think clearly, you are a HATER. Leave Kenya alone. She can post her baby anytime she wants. Who are you, and who is Wendy?"

Another commenter said: "I am so glad that you now have the family you always wanted?? my son and your little one are weeks apart. Many blessings to you and your love because she was born on Sunday! Plus her posting shouldn't stop people from watching! Know you are overjoyed and fascinated by everything she does. She's a Beautiful Blessing!"

This fan revealed: "OMG!!! She’s gorgeous!!! I’m sooo happy for you!!! From watching the show, I knew how badly you wanted to be a wife and mother... God doesn’t always come when we want him to, but when he does, he’s always on time!! You kept the faith, and God has blessed you with your husband and your daughter... Congratulations!!! I don't even watch it anymore since Kenya is not on there."

Kenya is good when it comes to shading.

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  • Nellie Gardner
    Nellie Gardner Dec 31, 2018 5:58 PM PST

    Though I still watch the show, I do not find it as exciting as I used to. Kenya and Phaedra I fully welcome, and whatever you do, keep a matter of fact all of the "old" girls need to stay.

  • Victoria
    Victoria Dec 31, 2018 3:20 PM PST

    Beautiful baby! She is adorable! My first granddaughter was born on November 9th. She is beautiful and s Blessing to our family. Enjoy your beautiful blessing from God. Ignore the negative comments.

  • Petr Savis
    Petr Savis Dec 31, 2018 10:29 AM PST

    I would love for Phaedra to return to RHOA. Dont care for the other one

  • annie
    annie Dec 31, 2018 7:18 AM PST

    cutie baby.

  • Enchantress
    Enchantress Dec 31, 2018 6:35 AM PST

    My best friend had a baby 3 months ago by ceasarian and breast feeds which takes away 500 calories a day. She is still a little overweight AND HAS A BIG SCAR! Only cut once. Krayonce claims she was cut more than once?Krayonce was not pregnant nor did she give birth and DID NOT GIVE BIRTH AND LOSE 50 POUNDS in one month. My mother gave birth 8 times, sometimes very close to the other one. With her breastfeeding and chasing after little one, she did NOT LOSE 50 POUNDS in one month! Is that the same baby Krayonce is posting pics of!?! Cuz she sure did get darker!!

    BRITIAN Tashon JACOBS Dec 31, 2018 6:29 AM PST


  • Sunshine Peace
    Sunshine Peace Dec 31, 2018 4:41 AM PST

    It seems to me to be the other way around. Every since they confirmed she will no longer be on the show, it seems she has been getting more attention than the show because regardless of what you think of Kenya's persona she indeed has many fans. Besides, even a heart of stone would melt at the fact she now has a beautiful miracle she has been wanting for a long time, her beautiful baby Brooklyn. Maybe just maybe the show is trying to chime in on her shine by putting out all these different storylines hoping something will stick. I see someone has been putting out there she may be returning to the show. Behind closed doors maybe someone from RHOA has asked her to come back and are currently trying to work out a deal. All I know is from my perspective if they are trying to get more viewers because their current viewership is sliding with the drama they already have then Kenya need to understand they will only ramp up the drama to meet their goal and she maybe the fall guy or one of a few fall guys. As a new mom, as a mom who has been anticipating this moment, I feel she should step back and enjoy her new life as a mom while she is on top in regard to her Exit from RHOA. Maybe after she enjoys Brooklyn 1st year which is full of moments you don't get back because they are filled with a lot of firsts then maybe she can or will go back to RHOA or my advice just find something else to do because they will eventually phase out all the old housewives and keep maybe 1 or 2 to carry on the new housewives and then eventually the 1 or 2 remaining housewives will be phased out as well.

  • Danielle Duverglas
    Danielle Duverglas Dec 31, 2018 4:21 AM PST

    It's so obvious that she is starving for attention. She wanted to be a mom so badly. Enjoy your motherhood and leave RHOA alone. You made your bed when you chose to leave then out of your marriage but now we can't stop seeing your family.

  • TJ
    TJ Dec 31, 2018 3:10 AM PST

    RHOA, that's what you get for letting Kenya go! She would have been ratings gold for the show this season. There are plenty of shows that come on Sunday. RHOA has taken a hit with lower ratings, even if they don't admit it. Don't hate on Kenya because she's getting more press than RHOA. I don't recall Sunday being designated as an RHOA ONLY POSTINGS DAY! Kenya keep showing us your baby! RHOA will have to learn to accept that they have been upstaged by BROOKLYN DORIS DALY!

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