Kenya Moore Finally Speaks On The George Floyd Case After Being Silent On Social Media

Kenya Moore Finally Speaks On The George Floyd Case After Being Silent On Social Media
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A lot pf people have been wondering how Kenya Moore feels about what's going on the in US lately following the murder of George Floyd. Check out the message that she finally posted on her social media account.

'I’ve been silent on social media because there are really no words. So many stories that don’t make the news. So many people die in vain. So many people who don’t think we matter. I’m angry and confused and sad and scared. If my grandmother were alive today she would tell me that the new order of things is near. Doris would tell me to draw close to Jehovah. She would point to the scriptures in the Bible. I’m praying for all those who we know of and that we don’t know of who have lost their lives to violence, racism, public and private degradation.I pray for peace, justice, and the new order. 🙏🏾' Kenya wrote.

Someone said: 'Grandmother was very wise. Jehovah will give you peace and understanding, you will not be afraid because you already know why these things are occurring. That is why I have peace, Jehovah gave me that peace a long time ago, and even though I have struggled in life, I can always turn to Him, praying through his Son Jesus’ name. He has not left me yet.'

Another follower posted this: 'We must all pray together more prayer more power. I pray for inner strength, peace within, protection for what may lay ahead for us now.'

One other follower said: 'Thank you, Kenya for using your platform. Don’t let anyone portray you in a different light 🖤'

Someone else posted: 'And you ladies have a major platform of influence. Make it a point to send a message to our young women to live their black self. Discourage the excessive patronage of products to promote an i image which is more Caucasian than Black. Until white women want to wear my hair, I won’t buy theirs.'

A commenter wrote: 'Rip G.F I also have been there my husband was murdered in Brooklyn and no videotape nothing Kenya if you can connect with me I wrote a book A Survivors Story about my life I think it could empower someone with your help.'

Another follower said: 'Your grandmother would be telling the truth. Each we live is a day closer to eternity. Keep praying for peace because God hears and sees it all.'

Other than this, Kenya has been spending a lot of time with her baby girl, Brooklyn these days.

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