Kendra Wilkinson Tells Fans Online She "Isn't Looking For Sympathy" Following Hank Baskett Split

Kendra Wilkinson Tells Fans Online She "Isn't Looking For Sympathy" Following Hank Baskett Split
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Kendra Wilkinson doesn't want sympathy from anybody. This Christmas marks the first festive season for Kendra as a single mom, following her split from Hank Baskett, her husband of approximately 8 years. She and Hank broke up back in April.

There's no question that Kendra has remained fairly candid about her struggle after her split with the ex-football player. Moreover, the holidays are a tough time for those who have endured divorces, breakups, and the loss of family members.

With that said, Kendra doesn't want anybody sending her overly pitiful messages on the 'Gram; she has too much pride for that. The 33-year-old ex-Playboy model shared a photo of her two children, Hank Baskett IV, 9, as well as Alijah Baskett, 4, riding their bicycles.

In the caption, she wrote, "this is the first year I'm literally alone." She added that she was "doing a lot better" than she originally predicted and the fact her friends have been reaching out to her has helped significantly.

"Definitely not looking for sympathy," the ex-model had to add, "just telling my story." Kendra suggested that she was sure divorced individuals knew what she was going through.

Before Christmas arrived, Kendra took to Twitter a lot to share what she had planned for the holiday season this year, including a short list of all of the things she considered as "less than ideal."

On the 23rd of December, the star wrote, "trying to be strong n keep it together these days." Wilkinson revealed, however, that many people have invited her out to go places, but it had to be her and a date - something which is obviously a bit of a sore spot for her at the moment.

In the last eight months, Kendra has spoken about her dating life. However, she's not about to dive into anything serious; it's all about her and her life at the moment. On the 26th of November, Kendra said she was "falling in love again," but fans were wondering with whom?

She said, "been dating myself lately," and was falling in love with herself. The model offered a wise aphorism for her fans and followers: one doesn't have to look outside themselves to find love and happiness.

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