Kendra Wilkinson Reacts To Holly Madison's Feud Claims - Says She's Moved On And Is 'All Love Now!'

Kendra Wilkinson Reacts To Holly Madison's Feud Claims - Says She's Moved On And Is 'All Love Now!'
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Initially, Holly Madison suggested that Kendra Wilkinson was lying but the latter is now making it very clear that things have changed and she has simply moved on from their feud. Check out what the two had to say!

It all started with Holly Madison appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast and seemingly talking about their conflict.

Then, Kendra Wilkinson reacted to the E! News IG post about it, simply commenting: 'Dude... it's 2021.'

This was in response to Holly saying on the podcast that she and Kendra were not on good terms.

She also suggested that the other woman had lied about being intimate with Hugh Hefner prior to her even moving into the Playboy mansion.

After all, Kendra claimed that no one was allowed in without sleeping with him first.

'In response to her, times have changed. I forgive and also have kids to love and focus on,' Kendra went on to say, clapping back under the E! News post.

Then, another user wondered why she was supposedly 'hating' on Holly but Kendra stressed that she was definitely not.
'How am I hating? She is [the] one out there. I am all love now, baby.'

Another user argued that Holly should not be shamed for simply sharing her own experience on the podcast and Kendra agreed, in the name of feminism.

'Ok, if you believe this will help women, I'll try to understand. Wish I had more time with Holly so I understand her side…Wish her the best in life and this helps heal her.'

Meanwhile, Holly also said on the podcast that while she and Kendra are not close anymore, she's still keeping in touch with her other Girls Next Door co-star, Bridget Marquardt.

Later on, Crystal Hefner addressed the situation as well, saying she sides with Kendra.


'So much time has passed. I side with Kendra here. Not sure why these women who shared such an incredibly uncommon and rare experience can’t get along?' she wondered.


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