Kendra Wilkinson's #1 Priority Is Her Children During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Kendra Wilkinson's #1 Priority Is Her Children During The COVID-19 Pandemic
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2020 proved to be a wild ride for a number of reasons, but the coronavirus pandemic was definitely one of them, as most people know by now. Celebrities and entertainers have been keeping themselves busy either through their social media series or through charitable organizations.

Some, however, have chosen to simply focus on their family life, and Kendra Wilkinson is one of them. According to a new report from Us Magazine, Kendra Wilkinson and her ex-husband, Hank Baskett, are working on the most positive environment for their kids during the COID-19 quarantine.

A source who spoke with Us Weekly claimed that Kendra has been doing everything in her power to enjoy time with family while also staying positive. The 34-year-old Girls Next Door alum and the 37-year-old former football player broke up in 2018 after just nine years of marriage.

They have two children together, Hank IV, who is 10-years-old, and then Alijah, who is 6. It's undeniable that taking care of their kids is their top priority at the moment. The source who spoke with the outlet claimed she and Hank have been getting along great lately for the sake of their kids.

Although, this past month, Kendra was seen with an anonymous man while getting groceries in Los Angeles, but a source said it wasn't anything serious. In other words, it wasn't going to have an impact on her family.

According to the same insider, the anonymous man and Kendra were just hanging out in a casual way, and she wasn't devoting a lot of her free time to him either.

Kendra confirmed this when she posted on the 28th of May, Thursday, that she was single. She wrote on the 'Gram, "current status: SINGLE MAMA! No man!!:

These days, Kendra is committed to teaching her children how to love themselves in a world that's sometimes difficult to do so, especially with social media being so pervasive and being a part of everyday life now. Kendra claims she wants her kids to have very high self-esteem.

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