Kelly Ripa's Silver Roots Are Showing And Some Think She Should Go Gray

Kelly Ripa's Silver Roots Are Showing And Some Think She Should Go Gray
Credit: Source: Kelly Ripa/Instagram

Kelly Ripa is having a hard time not going to the salon and now she's having a roots watch as she self quarantines due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Kelly's been sharing photos on her social media accounts where she's showing off her silver roots but though she may not like the look, others are offering her praise. There are many women and men who are embracing silver hair as they age and are finding that the natural color enhances their appearance, rather than detracts from it. More women are modeling in their senior years as well and silver hair is becoming something that some women cherish, rather than fear.

Supermodel Yasmeenah Rossi is known for her beautiful silver hair and many women have found her to be an inspiration in their own hair color journey. It doesn't seem like Kelly wants to embrace her silver hair but many have remarked that the color of her roots looks like she would have a brilliant silver color.

You may see photos of Yasmeenah modeling with her silver hair and another silver-haired model below.

Though it seems evident Kelly isn't going to let her hair go gray and will probably race to the salon as soon as it opens for business, many are asking her to reconsider the notion. Even her husband, Mark Consuelos says he likes the new, natural color!

As a natural blonde, there is a good chance that Kelly would see a pure silver instead of gray hair color. Many who had naturally dark hair often find they gray in a salt and pepper pattern before going white, but there are no hard rules to graying. Many people are surprised to discover that their natural gray color can have streaks of different shades. Many natural red hairs find that don't even go gray!

You may see a report below about how Mark Consuelos loves Kelly's natural, gray hair — will it be enough for her to ditch the peroxide and stay silver?

What do you think about Kelly Ripa's gray hair? Do you think she should leave it natural or get her roots touched up?

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