Erica Mena Shows Fans How She's Sculpting Her Body At Home

Erica Mena Shows Fans How She's Sculpting Her Body At Home
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Erica Mena's fans have been praising her post-pregnancy body for quite a while now, and what people appreciated the most was the fact that she did not have any work done after giving birth. All she did was work out at home and have a healthy diet.

Check out a video that she shared on her social media account to show fans how she is sculpting her body.

Erica and her husband, Safaree have been both working out like crazy at home during the quarantine.

'JSculpt 💪🏾Even at home, I have to keep working out 💪🏽I’m in love with my new JSCULPT Belt! It covers my entire midsection without rolling up! One of the great parts about my @jsculptfitness belts is that it does not have metal boning so it’s super comfy to wear while I'm working out and even when I’m not. Use my code ERICA20 to save 20% on any belt! As you can see, the leopard print is my fav 😍' Erica captioned her post.

A fan told her: 'Keep shining through all the bullshit baby! It’s looking good on you!' and another follower shaded Erica and posted this: 'I hate when celebs lie about their after baby surgeries. I get she’s pushing this but it’s a false advertisement if she had everything done at birth!'

A follower gushed over Erica and said: 'Oh my God you're so beautiful keep up the good work look how beautiful your body is looking Safari is so lucky.'

Someone else posted: 'How long after the baby did u start working out and wearing waist trainers again? Anyway, I just love your vibe, your heart. Blessings to you mama xo.'

Someone addressed haters who accused Erica of only advertising the product without actually using it: 'That lady doesn’t know what she is talking about. You and @safaree should get your bag and do what you guys think is best for your family.'

Other than this, Erica shared a photo featuring herself holding her and Safaree’s baby girl in her arms . People have been asking Erica for a really long time to post some pics featuring her baby girl.

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