Kelly Ripa Responds To Troll Who Criticized Her Husband's Workout Routine

Kelly Ripa Responds To Troll Who Criticized Her Husband's Workout Routine
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According to a report from Us Magazine, Kelly Ripa recently took a break from vacationing to fight back against some of her trolls who criticized her husband, Mark Consuelos' work-out routine. The 48-year-old shared a snapshot of the 48-year-old man on her Instagram, in which he was enjoying his time in the water.

Ripa captioned the photo with the message, "an actor prepares, for the end of the vacation." While many of her social media followers were impressed by his ripped physique, a few others made rude comments, insinuating that Mark's routine was a bit much and that his time would be better spent with the kids.

However, one woman who was positive was the reality star from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , Lisa Rinna, who said on the 'Gram, "Thank you, Kelly." Johnathan Tucker, from City On A Hill, posted, "more of this content please!" in all capital letters.

Regarding the more negative comments, the person who irked Ripa was a commenter who said that Mark was clearly spending too much time working out instead of hanging out with his wife and taking care of his children. Ripa was exasperated by the comment, stating that, ironically, Mark was on vacation with both Kelly and their kids.

As most know, this isn't the first time Kelly has responded to busy-bodies on social media. Back in September 2018, a commenter accused Kelly of being too old for Mark, despite the fact they're the same age. "PS, he likes proper grammar as well you dope," the TV show host remarked.

In June, Kelly said she took a lot of pleasure in responding to social media users online. The star said she loves to "counter-troll" with love and admiration, moreover, she refuses to take any of it seriously. Kelly went on to say that many of her trolls, however, are pretty good at what they do.

"They deserve to be fed," the TV show host remarked, joking that she and her critics inspire each other. Mark and Kelly got married back in 1996 following their time together working on the set of All My Children . They have three kids, Joaquin, Michael, as well as Lola.

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