Olivia Munn Backs Out Of Today Interview For Unspecified Reason

Olivia Munn Backs Out Of Today Interview For Unspecified Reason
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According to a report from Page Six, Olivia Munn recently canceled her appearence on the Today show possibly because of a number of different dilemmas she has faced in the last few weeks.

A source who spoke with the outlet claimed that Olivia doesn't want to face questions about the dog-walking application, Wag!, which she allegedly played a part in creating. The publication stated that Wag! inadvertently led to a number of missing and even deceased canines.

Recently, Olivia wrote an essay in which she shamed fashion bloggers, moreover, she said in an interview that she broke out in hives after she accused director Brett Ratner of sexual misconduct. Last week, Olivia reportedly was booked to appear on the NBC show after another guest pulled out.

Producers told her they couldn't promise her that they would avoid certain touchy subjects, including the aforementioned Wag! scandal. Even, Olivia, herself, was effected by the application, after a person came into her home to walk the dog and ended up stealing it.

In a recent lawsuit, an allegation was made that the application played a role in the accidental death of a dog. The person who was walking it supposedly tried to cover it up as well. And, as it was noted above, back in April, Munn wrote an essay in which she criticized fashion bloggers who took her to task for her choice of attire.

The fashion press referred to Olivia's essay as "wrong," "problematic," and "bizarre," and the blog, Go Fug Yourself, received overwhelming support from people on the internet. As most know, this won't be the first time Olivia has been involved in a scandal, excluding the sexual misconduct dilemma with Brett Ratner.

Olivia complained after finding out one of the men she worked with on the set of The Predator, released earlier last year, was convicted of sexual assault in the past. Olivia found herself accused of practically tanking the movie as well as the director, Shane Black's reputation.

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