Kelly Ripa Had The Best Reaction To Kandi Burruss's Baby Daughter, Blaze Tucker's Gorgeous Photoshoots

Kelly Ripa Had The Best Reaction To Kandi Burruss's Baby Daughter, Blaze Tucker's Gorgeous Photoshoots
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Via social media, diva Kandi Burruss decided to drop not one but two stunning photoshoots of her baby daughter, Blaze Tucker, who is now seven months old.

Todd Tucker's baby girl was set to have a six-month birthday photoshoot, but that was not possible because of the coronavirus pandemic.

To celebrate her beautiful daughter's milestone, The Real Housewives of Atlanta mom called the photographer to her home where the stunning session took place.

Baby Blaze was showered with praises. Kelly Ripa said she looked adorable and added: "She's gorgeous 😍."

A second commenter shared: "Look! I need you to hurry up because I can't hold this any longer, and I'm done if I have to stop to change my diaper! She looks like a supermodel😍. She and Ace have the same eyes!"

This supporter replied: "Omg! 😩 I literally send everyone to either your page or hers to look at her photos. She is just the cutest baby in the world to me. 😍 I'm seriously in love with Blaze! ❤️❤️"

This person claimed: "Blaze should be the new Gerber Baby. She is the definition of cuteness. Tucker family congrats on your beautiful journey, and thank you for sharing your bundle of joy with the world. She looks so much like a baby doll. She looks like she has a sweet soul too. Just adorable."

This fan answered a men comment with some solid facts: "Surrogates are only carriers. There are no nixed genes, you take the egg from the mama, the sperms from dada and you put it in an oven, any oven is good now, and you baked for nine months. Nothing wrong with her, she has just been here before, so she has an old soul, that's all.that person needs to be educated. Sounds stupid as hell."

Another follower said: "Honestly, think she's adorable 🤷🏾‍♀️. I do take issue though with people (and I use that term loosely), who poke fun at babies or mothers who couldn't carry their own! Pregnancy isn't easy or possible for some women, but they still deserve to be mothers! Maybe a little research and spelling lesson would benefit you! It's Kandi and Todd's GENES, and the surrogate just carried the baby!"

The family has a little star.


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