Keisha Lance Bottoms Handles Rayshard Brooks Case With Swift Urgency And An Eye On Joe Biden's VP Search

Keisha Lance Bottoms Handles Rayshard Brooks Case With Swift Urgency And An Eye On Joe Biden's VP Search
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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is not slowing down as her city continues to face challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of the killings of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks.

Despite her busy schedule, she often makes time for interviews with the national press, and after an impromptu viral speech at the height of the protests, she became a real political sensation.

Many now see her as a rising star in the Democratic party who could help presumptive nominee for president Joe Biden try to win the state of Georgia for the first time in a long while.

The state is considered a must-win state for some Democrats in the battle for the White House against President Donald Trump.

Bottoms has handled her star turn with a lot of grace, enough to be considered a top-tier candidate to join the ticket. Moreover, she was an early Biden endorser, which gives her more weight as a loyalist who has a lot of chemistry with the former vice president.

The unrest around her city remains a heavy burden. Bottoms said on CNN Sunday: "Up until Friday, I thought we were doing it right. People are looking to us to lead, but when these things continue to happen over and over again, we're asking ourselves the same questions. How do we lead during this time? There is a fierce urgency of now in our communities. It is clear we do not have another day, another minute ... to waste."

Some give her credit for the way she has handled the latest crisis. A commenter stated: "She responded swiftly and did not put the officers in administrative leave aka a paid vacation. She terminated them! The mayor works for the ppl! What the police SHOULD do!"

A second resident added: "Crazy thing bruh when we get the honor of being right in the middle of such historic moments in a great city and with a leader such as Mayor Bottoms we don’t realize the strength and pride we carry for the cause at the time. Only when we reflect years later (when sharing with others), we say MAN... We did that damn thang!"

The next few weeks will be crucial and will reveal if Bottoms will join the Democratic ticket. Some believe that she destined for great things regardless of the outcome of Biden's VP search.

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