Kehlani Has A New Way Of Promoting Her Music Career

Kehlani Has A New Way Of Promoting Her Music Career
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On the 6th of July, Kehlani took to her Instagram to post several photos in which she was putting her body on full display. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the social media post in which Kehlani has her arms wrapped around herself without a shirt while wearing layered jeans.

The singer wrote in the caption, "swipe for a surprise," which went on to her acting goofy in the following pictures. The singer-songwriter's photos got a lot of attention from other celebrities, including Storm Reid, Bree Runway, as well as the Clermont Twins.

Even though Kehlani appears to be having a great time in her new pictures, the singer-songwriter has encountered other difficulties in her life. For instance, this past April, the R&B star rented a Ferrari to shoot a music video for her track, "Open (Passionate)."

Reportedly, Kehlani rented it out by stating she was going to use it personally only. However, she used it for business purposes, moreover, she reportedly caused significant damage to it that reduced the value of the car by $88,573.

The rental company is now filing a lawsuit against the singer-songwriter and is also asking for her license to be taken away. Earlier this year, Kehlani was in the headlines for other reasons, mostly related to the genre in which her music falls into: R&B.

Justin Bieber was on social media earlier this year to say that his new record, Changes, was the first R&B record to go to number one after Kehlani said the same thing about her album.

The pop star said her album was going to be the top earner in the category and Justin responded with the claim made above. This didn't go well for many of the pop star's fans, who accused Justin Bieber of "cultural appropriation," and other transgressions.

Reportedly, Kehlani never responded to the controversy. Regarding the same record, Kehlani was in the headlines again after it was revealed that Drake helped her come up with the title for her latest project.

Kehlani was last linked to YG , however, they broke up after a short whirlwind romance.

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