Kehlani Confirms She And YG Are Over Months After His Cheating Rumors

Kehlani Confirms She And YG Are Over Months After His Cheating Rumors
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It’s finally confirmed! After rumors and insider reports that Kehlani and YG were over, she has confirmed that they are indeed no longer an item in a new post but that is not all!

The breakup comes four months after the man was allegedly caught making out with another woman while at a Halloween party.

Kehlani and YG’s romance was pretty short lived since they were caught together in public for the first time back in September of last year.

At the time, they attended New York Fashion Week together.

Furthermore, on Valentine’s Day, the pair dropped a collab song titled Konclusions.

However only a couple of days after, Kehlani released another song called Valentine’s Day (Shameful) in the lyrics of which she clearly slams the man.

She also took to Twitter to write in a now deleted post: ‘S**t happens. Life happens. U Just gotta stay pure and move with love and thank god you're one of the ones that do.’

As for the song’s lyrics, they go on to call out the boyfriend for betraying her and she definitely held nothing back: ‘I’d say your name but you don’t deserve recognition./U played the hero but you are the villain. / You called me crazy, but it was intuition. / You Used me for status and the fame and recognition.’

The song’s lyrics also suggest she helped YG battle his ‘addiction.’

‘Wish I didn’t check your text when you were drunk asleep. / I’ve seen everything I didn’t wanna see. / I needed to see. / I needed it to be. / Hope you live happily ever after with that b**ch.’

Yikes! It’s as clear as it can be that Kehlani is really upset about the alleged cheating!

After his scandal exploded, however, YG insisted that he would never betray Kehlani like that but judging by her tweet and song, she obviously doesn’t believe him.

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