Katy Perry Sparks Pregnancy Rumors By Showing Off Baby Bump!

Katy Perry Sparks Pregnancy Rumors By Showing Off Baby Bump!
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Katy Perry sparked pregnancy rumors after she seemed to show off a massive baby bump in the teaser for her upcoming Never Worn White? video! Now fans cannot help but think that the singer and her husband to be, Orlando Bloom are about to become parents!

Earlier today, Katy tweeted: ‘You are cordially invited to the premiere of #NeverWornWhite, join me on the YouTube Watch Page…and chat with me (promise not a bot!) before the video premiere.’

It would not be surprising at all if the fans will flood her with questions about whether or not she is expecting.

The preview is only three seconds long and shows three shots of the artist.

One of them shows her in a white dress, looking up and the second shows Katy sitting down among many wedding flower bouquets and covered in flowers herself.

Finally, the one that grabbed everyone’s attention was the third image that featured Katy with a massive baby bump.

Was that her way of telling the whole world that she really does have a bun in the oven?

It could also be that she was trying to express something else, metaphorically.

After all, Katy Perry is well known for how ‘over the top’ she can be when it comes to her art.

But precisely because of that, revealing her pregnancy with a video about her wedding would also make a lot of sense.

Either way, fans are super excited to learn the truth!

Here are a few of their reactions: ‘mom are you pregnant with KP5?’ / ‘ANNOUNCE THE PREGNANCY MA’AM’ / ‘KATY R U PREGNANT WTFFFF’/ ‘ARE YOU PREGNANT OMG CONGRATS.’ / ‘we want to see Bloom jr.’ / ‘can I be his/her godfather?’ / ‘KATY ARE U PREGNANT? OH MY GOD.’

Obviously, people are confused about what they saw and need further clarification.

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