Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Celebrate 3 Year Anniversary As Fans Call Them Out For Lying!

Katie Maloney And Tom Schwartz Celebrate 3 Year Anniversary As Fans Call Them Out For Lying!
Credit: Source: Bravo

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz are celebrating their third wedding anniversary. The only problem is -- the couple has only been legally married for less than a month.

It all started earlier this summer when Lance Bass spilled the beans that the Vanderpump Rules couple may have not been legally married due to faulty paperwork. Some reports denied the rumor and eventually, Lance apologized.

However, it turned out that he wasn't lying because just a few weeks later the reality stars rounded up their friends and took a trip to Vegas where they wed -- legally this time.

Fans of the show were already upset that they were lied to when they tuned into their 2016 'fake wedding' and made it known across Katie and Tom's social media pages.

Today, Maloney uploaded their original 'wedding' photos alongside a caption that read: 'I love you more and more everyday. Thank you for loving me! Happy Anniversary Bubba!!!!!'

While her close friends congratulated the happy couple, viewers took the time to call her out.

One follower wrote: 'Anniversary of the “faux” wedding?


Another fan said: 'what we just talked about last night 😂😂 not really their anni since they just legally got married'

This social media user chimed in with: 'I thought you weren't legally married until recently when you went to Vegas??? If so then today isn't your official anniversary??'

There were some who defended the two.

Like this user who commented: 'Happy anniversary!!! Don't sweat the small stuff, you have a lifetime together! I often have to sing "let it go....let it go....'

Another fan delivered a message about happiness.

'How many people are going to comment about the newly legal marriage? Happiness doesn’t mean having a piece of paper.'

Do you think Katie and Tom should celebrate on the day of their 'fake' wedding or the day of the legal one?


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  • gerarddavidjr
    gerarddavidjr Aug 19, 2019 7:10 AM PDT

    I saw the wedding and Lisa Vanderpump officiated the wedding so what was the problem cuz she also married Lance Bass. I watch that too so what was the problem with Lisa marrying them? She did a great job.

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