Kathy Griffin Reacts After Viral Spoof Video Of Donald Trump Killing Her And Many Of His Opponents Is Released

Kathy Griffin Reacts After Viral Spoof Video Of Donald Trump Killing Her And Many Of His Opponents Is Released
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The comedian responded after a spoof video of the president showed him shooting his critics, including her. Kathy Griffin made it very clear that she did not consider it a joke and explained why!

Over the weekend, a clip showing a fake Donald Trump killing his opponents at the ‘Church of Fake News' surfaced, shocking many!

Among the ‘victims,’ were various fellow politicians but also journalists and celebrities, all famously anti-Trump.

One of the celebs is Kathy, who in the past, suffered huge backlash over a picture she took with a bloody ‘severed’ mannequin head made to look like the president.

The comedian took to social media to tweet: ‘I’m depicted as being murdered by The President of the United States in this video. The left, right and center left me hanging out to dry regarding the Trump mask photo. Please don’t let it happen again. No, this video isn’t a joke to his followers. And it will not be taken as such.’

The parody clip is actually originally part of the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service and it’s edited to look like Donald Trump had slaughtered all of those opponents of his.

Furthermore, it was shown during the three-day American Priority Conference which was attended by Donald Trump Jr. as well as former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

However, it is not clear whether either of them has actually seen the video or not.

The spoof has Trump’s head edited to appear over Colin Firth‘s character.

While leaving the church, he suddenly wheels around, pulls out a gun and starts shooting and killing in other disturbing ways a number of people including Senator Bernie Sanders, former Vice President Joe Biden, former President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Rosie O’Donnell, MSNBC journalist Rachel Maddow and more!

Some of the ‘victims’ are general ideas or social movements that he opposes or disagrees with, such as ‘fake news’ outlets or even ‘Black Lives Matter.’

DJ Khaled‘s All I Do Is Win can be heard in the background and the president simply smiles.

The clip has been made by pro-Trump YouTube channel TheGeekzTeam and this is not the first such video they’ve created featuring the president.


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