Kate Hudson Addresses Previous Interview About Raising Daughter 'Genderless' After Backlash!

Kate Hudson Addresses Previous Interview About Raising Daughter 'Genderless' After Backlash!
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The actress wanted to clarify some things about her previous statement via AOL that she is raising her newborn daughter, Rani ‘genderless.’  Here’s what Kate Hudson had to add about that!

Earlier today, the star took to her Instagram account to address her interview that attracted a little bit of controversy.

'Recently somebody asked me something along the lines of, if having and raising a girl is any different from boys. My response was simple. Not really. This entire click bait tactic of saying I am raising my daughter to be 'genderless' is just silly and frankly does not even make sense. I only raise my children, both my boys and my girl to feel free to be who they want to be,’ she explained.

Kate went on to say that ‘Me saying a 'genderless approach' was a way of refocusing the conversation in a direction that could exist outside of the female stereotype. It just felt a little antiquated to me. Not all girls want to be a princess, some want to be a king. And that is fine by me.’

Finally, Hudson also addressed all of her critics, saying that many just want to believe the reports that seem to suggest she may have a ‘new age method’ to raise her kids, when in fact, the only thing he does is try her best to help them be good people and also prepared to face ‘this crazy world.’

There you have it, folks! Kate Hudson is not planning on raising her daughter ‘genderless.’

The misunderstanding just started from her using that word when that is not what she really meant.

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