Check Out Margot Robbie's In-Character Photo For Upcoming Harley Quinn Film

Check Out Margot Robbie's In-Character Photo For Upcoming Harley Quinn Film
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Margot Robbie is coming back to the big screen once again to personify her former DC Universe character, Harley Quinn. The 28-year-old star posted a photo in which she was dressed up like Harley in the new movie titled Birds Of Prey.

She captioned the photo, "Miss me? HQ." The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on the 7th of February, 2020. Margot's portrayal of the classic comic book character was hailed by critics and audiences alike, however, the film itself, Suicide Squad , received mixed reviews.

As the argument goes, Suicide Squad had the potential to be a great film, but unfortunately, they couldn't make it work, despite introducing several interesting characters, whose backstories were never explored enough for audiences to actually captivate viewers. Furthermore, the movie featured an all-star cast, so expectations were high.

Putting her career as Harley Quinn aside, Margot got real candid in a recent interview where she revealed to the Radio Times reporter that she hated being asked about starting a family. The award-winning actress said it makes her "so angry" when people ask her if she's intending to have children.

The I, Tonya alum said to the outlet that she wanted fans, interviewers, and even the people in her life to stop asking about motherhood and family life due to the supposed sexist connotations.

As for what led her to say such things, Margot just finished portraying Elizabeth in the movie, Mary Queen of Scots. Margot revealed that it made her incredibly angry when she found out Mary had been pressured into having children.

While her frustrations are valid, other people online suggested that maybe she was reading into others' line of questioning a little too much. Robbie did have positive things to say, however, about her co-worker, Josie Rourke, on  Mary Queen Of Scots.

The star said she really respected the fact Josie had succeeded in her industry. According to Margot, she made tremendous sacrifices to get where she is today, and in Margot's opinion, that's something men couldn't understand.

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