Mo'Nique Talks About Her History-Making Las Vegas Residency Post-Netflix Scandal

Mo'Nique Talks About Her History-Making Las Vegas Residency Post-Netflix Scandal
Credit: Source: Hollywood Reporter

In the case of comedienne Mo'Nique, things got worse before they got better. The actress made history as the first Black comedienne to have a Las Vegas residency.

It was only a year ago when she called out for black people to boycott Netflix for offering her only $500,000 while other entertainers like Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, and Amy Schumer were paid millions.

The request opened a Pandora's box of polar opposite opinions. Some argued that Mo'Nique has had a long and strong career and should be paid fairly while others felt that she has struggled to maintain relevancy.

It doesn't matter who was right because the 'The Parkers' actress has cashed in. Her residency at SLS Hotel's Sayers Club ended on January 20 and she opened up to Essence Magazine on how she feels about all the naysayers.

"It doesn’t feel like revenge because I’m not out to get anyone. This is a part of what I do. I never stopped. Because people didn’t see me, they thought I had stopped, but I’ve never stopped being a stand-up comedian. Through all of this, I was still traveling the country, going to this city, this city, this city, this city because that’s my passion. That’s my baby. That’s my love."

She continued: "When the residency came, my husband and [comedy club owner] Tommy Thomas, they worked out the deal. It just felt right because the universe was saying, 'See, baby? You kept going. We were just getting you ready.'"

The 51-year-old has no regrets over asking supporters to boycott because she wants to break the pattern of Black women being okay with being unfairly treated in business.

"We get fearful of losing out, so we just keep accepting."

Luckily, all of her hard work speaks for itself. Mo'Nique has no plans of slowing down.

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