Kanye West Says He Didn't Know Drake Was Following Kim Kardashian On Instagram Until Today

Kanye West Says He Didn't Know Drake Was Following Kim Kardashian On Instagram Until Today
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By the look of things, it really seems that there's no rest for Kanye West regarding the Drake subject. The feud between these two will probably make it in 2019.

This morning confused Kanye took to his social media account on Twitter to let everyone know that he had just found out that Drake is following Kim Kardashian on Instagram.

People are wondering whether this is really what upset Kanye or the fact that Drake just posted a photo to his Instagram story with a 'Welcome to LA' sign and a devil emoji.

We all know how Kanye hates that emoji, and he recently called out Drake, saying that he was possessed by the devil.

‘Please take the devil ? up out you bro. You’re disrespectful to all of the people with mental health conditions, so this is an opportunity for growth,’ Kanye wrote at one point.

These two have been in the spotlight a lot lately, especially after Kanye took to social media and said that Drake called him and threatened him as his family as well.

That was the moment when Kim stepped in to defend her hubby, saying that Kanye paved the way for there to even be a Drake.

The latest reports claim that Drake beefed up security after the whole drama.

The Shade Room wrote that according to TMZ, sources who live near Drake say that he 'has at least two bodyguards standing watch outside the gate to his driveway. Now if y’all remember, Drizzy and Kanye live relatively close to one another.’

Now, back to Kanye's latest post. Someone said 'Imagine living in poverty not having the privilege of stressing over social media. People really give life to the most unimportant thing, and they want to claim they’re unbothered.'

Another commenter wrote 'Drake is sooo petty. Lmaooo yooo. I'm so tired of this beef. It's stressing me out.'


What do you think about Kanye's latest discovery that he shared with us this morning?

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