Kanye West Insisted His Tour Would Go On Despite His Anti-Semitic Tweets

Kanye West Insisted His Tour Would Go On Despite His Anti-Semitic Tweets
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Despite many firms removing him, Kanye West is confident that he will not be canceled due to his anti-Semitic rants.

On Friday night, after seeing his eldest daughter play basketball, the rapper spoke out about the controversies surrounding him and why Balenciaga decided to stop their commercial partnership.

I'm not losing any money; he assured TMZ. One of the most liberating days was when I was removed from the Balenciaga website. Ye, 45, also said that people sever links with him for political gain rather than because they want to avoid doing business with him or ignore him.

We here, baby, we ain't going nowhere, he says, absolutely refusing to be canceled. However, despite these purported endeavors, he stands by his anti-Semitic statements. I'd like to address the Jewish remark; it demonstrates his thesis exactly.

West, who has just hired Johnny Depp's lawyer to handle all of his enterprises, emphasized that he has been trying to bring people of different backgrounds together with his words.

It's going to take a combined effort from everyone. Before we can love, he warned that we must first know the truth before we can love.

So he went on to say They had no idea that someone would be in a position to use the microphone. It's not that people aren't terrified; they're scared of how fearless we've become. There are limits to the strategies they can employ. It's true; my safety has been put in jeopardy because of the political views I hold.

To put on inappropriate headgear or, in my case, to be a black man possessing a White Lives Matter T-shirt. Several white people that I've met were sporting Black Lives Matter t-shirts. You'll see how one-sided it is when you stop to consider it.

West also discussed the prospect that Adidas will drop him, noting that they are currently in the midst of legal proceedings, so anything could happen. On Friday, Page Six reported that Vogue had also severed ties with the rapper.

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