Kandi Burruss's Two Youngest Children -- Ace And Blaze Tucker -- Have A Fight For This Reason In Latest Video

Kandi Burruss's Two Youngest Children -- Ace And Blaze Tucker -- Have A Fight For This Reason In Latest Video
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss recently took to social media where she shared a sweet video with her two youngest children -- Ace and Blaze Tucker -- fighting for her attention.

In the hilarious video, Kandi is struggling while holding cutie pie Blaze as Ace pulls on her hair to get in the shot.

The Xscape singer wrote: "My babies @acetucker & @blazetucker are getting big so fast! Blaze is 8 months old today!"

A fan had this reaction: "You look like you are loving motherhood. You look so happy. 🙏🏾❤️."

Another commenter stated: "Adorable twinning she looks just like you their both adorable kids ❤️❤️❤️ fighting for mommy attention lol. Beautiful children Kandi! Happy 8 months..time is going by quickly."

This supporter revealed: "Blaze is not having it today. She's so cute 💕. Cute🤣😍😍 the way she's pulling your hair though...🤗 joys of being a mom.❤️"

One of Kandi's fans used the comment section to focus on virtual education during the health crisis.

The mom wrote: "EDUCATION
As school districts discuss the process to open up school for the safety of everyone, which is necessary, BUT THE PRIORITY THE IS THE EDUCATION OF ALL THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD NOT JUST YOUR SCHOOL DISTRICT. It is self of anyone to ONLY think about their school district KNOWING ALL SCHOOL DISTRICT ARE IN THE SAME POSITION in SOCIETY to people have got so caught up on me and mine that not taking the time to recognize other experience the same thing and impacted just as you at the same time. Questions that have not been considered as part of the plan to open, which will impact Pre-k to 12 and colleges/university as a RESULT of the action that leads to the CLOSURE of school throughout the country and world.
1. How will transfers from school district to school district work?
2. How many credits to graduate?
3. How will out of state transfer work?
4. Which subject will be transferable?
5. How will GPA be calculated for the current students ENTIRE school career?
6. If a student was failing prior to PANDEMIC, does that person repeat the class or pass to the next grade?
7. Passing a student that was already failing, will this be helpful or harmful to his/her future?
8. How many days will student be required to be in attendance in virtual learning class?
9. How are the issue prior to the PANDEMIC being address with the public?
10. When is holiday breaks since kids will ACTUALLY be virtual learning with their parents?
11. At what age are children allowed to stay home alone to do virtual learning while the parent is at work?
12. My child is in 9 years old I'm not comfortable leaving him/her home alone from 9- 10 hours while I'm at work. How do is this going to work out to ensure the student is receiving an EDUCATION?
Do you have other question and/or solution for the education of OUR CHILDREN, YOUR CHILD(REN)?"


Kandi inspires her followers in different ways.

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