Diddy Asks His Fans To Watch This Video: 'Truth To Power'

Diddy Asks His Fans To Watch This Video: 'Truth To Power'
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Diddy just asked fans to watch this video that he just shared on his social media account. People started a debate in the comments after seeing it.

'AMERICA IS NOT READY TO HAVE THIS DISCUSSION This is the UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTH that continues to get avoided and overlooked. My brother @shannonsharpe84 broke this down so well, EVERYONE should take a few minutes out their day and watch this clip. Truth to power! ✊🏿❤️' Diddy captioned his post.

Someone said: 'This conversation needs to be had before any healing can go on,' and a follower posted this message: 'How long before they going to fire this brother for speaking the truth???? You know White folks ain’t going to be happy that Shannon is speaking like this.'

One commenter posted this: 'Always on point. Except we weren’t slaves. We were enslaved. That’s important!' and a fan said: 'Skip felt that last part about "who did all the cookin', who took care of all the kids." Skip was basically raised by a black woman.'

Someone else said: 'Whew this is the conversation of America’s Truth !!! Everything in society stems from this!' and a follower posted: 'Ready or Not. 2020 is the year. They had hundreds of years to prepare. Now it's test time.'

A commenter wrote: 'This is so true! You can’t talk to most of them about their “heritage”, that they are still benefitting from mind you, without constant deflection.'

In other news, Diddy reposted an interesting article from his platform Revolt TV on Twitter. The post generated all kinds of reactions.

Also, not too long ago  Diddy  shared a  photo and a message  in the memory of his believed  Kim Porter .

‘Cherish what you have. Love on them. Kiss on the hug on them. Spoil them. Listen to them because tomorrow is not promised. A message from Love ❤️ Have a beautiful Sunday people,’ Diddy captioned his post.

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