Kandi Burruss' Kids Get A Visit From Their Grandparents - Check Out The Sweet Pics

Kandi Burruss' Kids Get A Visit From Their Grandparents - Check Out The Sweet Pics
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss recently got a visit from her parents, who came to see the kids during these dark times of social isolation. A lot of people are staying indoors these days due to the global tragedies that are produced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Check out the pics that Kandi shared on her social media account recently.

'We got a visit from my dad @drtpburrussjr & @burrussbrenda today! They wanted to see their grandbabies. ♥️♥️' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone commented: 'Awwwww blaze😍😍😍😍 your father's wife is beautiful too.'

A follower was curious about Kandi's color and asked: 'How did u become so brown-skinned with to light parents ?' and someone else responded: 'what the H*** question is that? 😲🤐, my family color is all over the map!'

One commenter said: '2 Parents with similar looks can have a child that resembles them almost exactly or go total opposite. The other way is if the Parents( grandma & grandpa ) of the subjects (Kandi) Parents may have had opposite looks... recessive genes... The parent with the dominant genes- that's who's looks or recessive looks their kids will get.. most of the time.'

A follower posted this: 'somebody else thought the same thing. This person was just straight up and asked cuz they were confused. I don't think big intended to be negative. Sometimes things skip a generation but the person wasn't thinking and asked the question. Kandi probably has been asked this before but I'm surprised she answered cuz she's a busy woman. I don't think she was offended and she took the time to educate the person. She handled it very well.'

Someone else asked, 'when are black ppl going to accept that we come in all shades whether our parents are light, medium or dark. How are we expecting others to accept and see us when our own black people will not 🤷🏽‍♀️'

Other than this, Kandi recently promoted the YouTube giveaway channel of her son, Ace Wells Tucker .


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