Kaley Cuoco Reveals Why She Was Originally Denied The Role On The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco Reveals Why She Was Originally Denied The Role On The Big Bang Theory
Credit: Source: Bravo.com

The Big Bang Theory has become one of Chuck Lorre's most successful series, following the smash hit featuring Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen, Two and A Half Men . These days, the show has secured a significant cult-like following on television, as networks continuously air re-runs.

Apparently, there was a point when the producers of the show were unsure as to whether they should include Kaley Cuoco. It's hard to imagine The Big Bang Theory without her, but truthfully, she was initially rejected as the character named Penny.

Just before the final episode is about to air, Kaley dished on the fact that she was rejected from the production, also explaining that she didn't appear in the original pilot either.

Peter Roth, the Warner Brothers president, and the Chief content officer said to TV Insider, that the initial character, Penny, whose first name was Katie, was not quite as appealing as they wanted.

He told TV Insider that it actually wasn't the actress of the time's fault, Amanda Walsh, but the "conceit of the character." Fortunately, the former president of CBS realized they had something great before them and decided to do it all again.

Cuoco said she didn't get the role of Katie the first time, because, apparently, she was simply too young. Kaley joked that she never gets to say anything like that anymore.

Recently, several actors and actresses from the show, including Cuoco and Mayim Bialik, revealed they were really sad about leaving The Big Bang Theory behind. It's been a long time since the show first began in the late 2000s.

Mayim previously said that "all things must end, even the good things must end." One wonders what Mr. Chuck Lorre, arguably one of the most important television figures, has up his sleeve for his next big TV production.

The Big Bang Theory first began in 2007 on CBS, consisting of 12 seasons and approximately 272 episodes. The show made Kaley Cuoco, Jim Parsons, and Johnny Galecki into practically household names.


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