Disney Brings James Gunn Back On Board Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Following His Firing

Disney Brings James Gunn Back On Board Of Guardians Of The Galaxy Following His Firing
Credit: Source: TheVerge.com

Mr. James Gunn will sit in the director's chair on board on the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise once again following his controversial firing last year due to a slew of bizarre pedophiliac tweets. Gunn was fired by Disney last year after a political commentator published tweets from his from around 10 years ago.

James was removed from his directing duties on the 3rd volume of the Guardians Of The Galaxy series. It's the next installment in the Marvel franchise. Deadline reported that the director's return was confirmed by his representatives.

Gunn said on Twitter, "I am tremendously grateful to every person out there who have supported me over the past few months." James went on to say that he greatly appreciated Disney's decision to bring him back on to the set.

As it was previously reported, Gunn, the director who worked on the first two films in the franchise, was booted off the third edition of the film franchise after The Daily Caller published tweets of his from 2008 through 2011.

Gunn made child molestation jokes, AIDS jokes, and jokes regarding Mexican people and Hispanics. Alan Horn, the Chairman for Walt Disney Studios, said at the time they had no choice but to eliminate James' role because his statements were diametrically opposed to their values as a company.

Last July, Gunn apologized for his comments, stating that he was trying to be a provocateur, and he has since become a "very, very different person." Gunn's firing, interestingly, was castigated by other Hollywood stars, including Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, as well as Chris Pratt.

Moreover, the decision supposedly drew criticism from liberal commentators who claim that Disney was cow-towing to malevolent individuals. Initially, Gunn's tweets were aired by Mike Cernovich as well as Jack Posobiec.

On the other hand, some have claimed Gunn's firing was merely fair treatment, considering the types of dismissals that have happened to right-leaning or conservative individuals. Other social media users questioned Hollywood celebrities decision to defend Gunn's tweets while condemning others.


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