Kaley Cuoco Admits She's 'Shocked' The Big Bang Theory Still Has Such A Dedicated Fandom!

Kaley Cuoco Admits She's 'Shocked' The Big Bang Theory Still Has Such A Dedicated Fandom!
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The Big Bang Theory will soon be over after no less than 12 years, and Kaley Cuoco is very surprised that the show’s fans are still watching after all of this time! The actress was in attendance at the Golden Globes earlier tonight, and she talked about the impact the series had on both her career as well as her personal life.

While on the red carpet, Cuoco told E’s Ryan Seacrest that as they wrap up the last ever season, she, is sure to shed tears.

‘Going into season 12. We were like, 'We have got a whole season and a lot of episodes.' Now we are on the second half and it is starting to get a little heavy. There are some tears welling up. I hope we pre shoot the whole last episode because I do not think I will be able to keep a dry eye.’

But it looks like the star did not ever expect that the Big Bang Theory would be so successful and remain so for more than a decade.

Cuoco shared that ‘After the pilot, there was definitely something special, there was a special feeling in the air. I have to be honest, even after all of these years, we still come in after a new episode, and we are like, ‘Did people watch?' We are still shocked that people are so intrigued.’

Indeed, The Big Bang Theory has a very dedicated fandom, and if they wanted to, the team behind it would definitely still be able to enjoy high ratings if they decided to continue the story past this current season.

Kaley, who was accompanied at the awards show by her husband Karl Cook was there to present an award.

The actress looked stunning in a black and white Monique Lhuillier gown.


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