Marty Caffrey Files Restraining Order Against Danielle Staub

Marty Caffrey Files Restraining Order Against Danielle Staub
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A source who sat down with Us Weekly recently revealed that Marty Caffrey filed a restraining order against his ex-partner, Danielle Staub, one of the stars of Real Housewives Of New Jersey. Just a few days after the 56-year-old reality star filed a restraining order against Marty, her man responded with one in turn.

The source who spoke with the publication claimed it was all for "publicity," on Danielle's part. The insider said it was a need for publicity as well as a means of making her estranged husband look bad. Caffrey reportedly has no desire to reveal any details regarding the order against his partner.

A representative for Staub who spoke with the publication claimed "Marty's time would be much better spent trying to settle the divorce," so that both he and Danielle could put an end to their squabbles. In the summer of 2018, Danielle filed a restraining order against Marty, just three months after they decided to get married.

Purportedly, when Danielle came back to her home one evening, Caffrey had "disabled the garage door," so that when she pulled up, she wouldn't be able to get in as she normally would. Documents obtained by the outlet claimed he was under the influence of alcohol at that time.

When she finally got into the house, she found many of their family portraits and photographs had been taken down or removed. On the 3rd of January, her reps said she filed a restraining order against Marty for her "personal safety" as well as that of her daughters whom she shares with Thomas Staub.

A source claims the second restraining order was the result of "emotional abuse," saying that Danielle just couldn't take his supposedly abusive behavior anymore. The Real Housewives star went to the police to file it, and it lasted ten days.

Since then, Staub has been doing everything in her power to try and end the marriage as soon as possible. The insider suggested Staub has been telling people she's trying to fix their relationship, but truth be told, her intentions are to separate.

Her lawyer has made four settlement offers to Marty, but he has allegedly rejected all of them so far. As you may know, she and Marty got married in May of 2018. They called it off in September of the same year.


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