K. Michelle Is Giving Advice To Women Who Want To Get Plastic Surgery

K. Michelle Is Giving Advice To Women Who Want To Get Plastic Surgery
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As fans of K. Michelle know, she is more than candid regarding what it's like to undergo plastic surgery, admitting in the past that she loves some of her adjustments, while seriously regrets others.

Probably as a result of her authenticity, Michelle secured her very own TV show in which she would help other women remove silicone implants. To clarify, Michelle won't be doing it herself; she will aid women in their search for reputable practitioners.

Reported first by the Jasmine Brand, the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star who has spoken truthfully on what it was like to have her butt implants removed, claims she will do her best to help women get through negative experiences.

As it was previously reported, Michelle revealed in 2017 that she had symptoms including migraines, fatigue, as well as excruciating pain in both her back and legs. It took a long time before she finally realized the impetus.

Later on, K. Michelle discovered it was actually her butt implants that were causing the problem. And it wasn't good either, considering she had to have four different surgeries as well as two blood transfusions as a consequence of her illegal silicone injections.

Her experiences provided her with the knowledge necessary, as well as the courage, to help out women going through similar issues with plastic surgery. And while her situation was scary, she learned to move on from it.

With plastic surgery increasingly becoming more common all over the developed world, there's no question that some women - and men - unfortunately, will undergo less-than-adequate treatment.

For that reason, there's no question K. Michelle will find plenty of material to work with on her brand new reality TV series. Furthermore, it's likely - but not confirmed - that her new show will deal with BDD, body dysmorphic disorder, one of the leading causes of excessive plastic surgery. According to Wikipedia, plastic surgery is very common in individuals with BDD, due to their desire to correct perceived defects.

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