Bella Hadid Gushes Over The Weeknd - He Is The 'Most Beautiful Person' I Know!

Bella Hadid Gushes Over The Weeknd - He Is The 'Most Beautiful Person' I Know!
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Bella Hadid and The Weeknd seem to be happier than ever now that they are back together! That being said, while doing a 73 Questions video for Vogue, the supermodel revealed that her singer beau being such eye candy helps make it work as well!

The Hadid sister made it very clear that from her point of view, The Weeknd is very handsome.

In fact, when she was asked who the most beautiful person she knows is, Bella, smiled sweetly and let the world know that it’s her boyfriend!

But that is not even the only time she gushed over him during the interview!

Bella also claims that he is the one who makes her laugh ‘the hardest’ as well!

Handsome AND funny? What more could you want from a significant other?

But when it comes to feeling beautiful, the model made it very clear that instead of relying on the world or her boyfriend to tell her, it’s something she finds within herself!

‘Probably when I just feel healthy and confident in myself,’ she responded.

She went on to give aspiring models some great advice, saying that: ‘The hardest part of the modeling industry is gaining respect from my peers. I think, there is a lot of pretty girls out there, so if you cannot be kind and work hard, there is no reason to do it.’

As fans remember, Bella and The Weeknd reunited earlier this year.

They were romantically involved years ago, but in 2016, they pressed pause on their relationship for a while.

Ever since rekindling their romance, the two have been caught together in public a lot, enjoying their love like never before!

Hopefully, this time around it's forever for the two!

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